Mission and Vision

Guided by Humanity

Guided by Humanity is a 501©(3) nonprofit organization making a difference in your community.

We are the non-profit organization that offers accessible, inclusive, and compassionate yoga to all underserved regardless of ability or background.

We are currently offering services to persons with Intellectual Disabilities at yoga studios and other venues throughout the Greater Denver area. Our endeavor is to provide yoga and mindfulness practices to those who typically have limited access.

Mission Statement

  • Our Mission is to provide underrepresented communities with access to the benefits of yoga and mindfulness.


  • The Purpose of Guided By Humanity is to create inclusive, accessible, and compassionate yoga and mindfulness opportunities within the community.


  • Our vision is to create a culture of compassion within all communities regardless of ability or background. We believe that all people deserve equal access to the benefits of holistic health and wellness for self empowerment, community connection, and healthy minds and bodies.

Core Values

  • Compassion: Developing compassion for one’s self through the practice of yoga that recognizes the strength of individuals and each other.
  • Inclusion (Accessible): We believe that every shape, gender, age, color, and ability should have access to holistic healthy living and wellness practices.
  • Community: Nurturing relationships and being in community with others fosters a deeper sense of purpose. We are of service to ourselves and to each other, in both our own neighborhood and across the globe. Together as a community, we will foster a safe, nurturing and empowering environment appropriate for all practitioners.
  • Connection: We recognize the human potential and fuel it with inspiration and creativity to support each other’s growth. We empower each other to be in integrity in our process towards both individual and collective truth.